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It is now a Waterstone's Bookshop. Clewer Cottages mark the end of St Leonard's Road. Additional photographs are planned for as many of the pub buildings as possible. In respect of the other three their exact locations are not identifiable. We turn now to the hamlet of Clewer New Town.

There was also a beer retailer by the name of Henry Hill established there believed to be next door to the Five Bells. Retracing our steps on this side of the road we come to The Royal Standard no. This is the pub that started me on this quest. This also provides an entrance to St James's Park tube station.

Nearby, although its location is not specific was a beer seller, Mr James Sumner, trading as The Criterion. It is threatened by Tesco's redevelopment plans.

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Some help though was close at hand in the form of the Census for Windsor. It seemed that putting together a list of licensed premises would not be easy. Accordingly, licensees were required to enter into bonds or recognizances, that they would not allow disorderly behaviour or harbour rogues and vagabonds.

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More of this establishment later. Mrs Ann Hester ran this large establishment. We move on now to Dedworth, where a Mr W.

Built in with contemporary materials and Art Deco styling. Firstly, the Beer Act allowed the creation of Beer Houses which became a problem as they were now exempt from Magistrates control. The Magistrates had no power over his licence, as they did not control beer shops. The complex also includes the Dolphin Square Hotel.

Turning my attention to Peascod Street in Windsor, and hoping that I would see lots of pubs bearing in mind we are a garrison town, I was surprised by the lack of establishments. Updated in to reflect the sad demise of a number of Windsor's pubs. Drink was cheap and judging by the number of pubs, readily available. Where to live in London for warehouse conversions? The arrival of the railways and the Tube meant that London could expand over a much greater area.

The Sebastopol public house did not exist then in the area known as Park Corner. The owner Mr Byles would not have known that the Inns very existence was threatened by the closure of the road to the public with the coming of the railway. We turn now to Oxford Road. Clapham, Islington, Shoreditch or Battersea.

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Where to live in London

Here lies an anomaly as the hotel is listed as trading but the map of the same year gives no clue as to its exact location. Even today there is a narrow footpath with the same name and one must assume this is the area referred to, although none of the current buildings appear to have survived. We now arrive at Clarence Road with Peascod Street ahead.

Where does the Indian community live in London? The urban area expanded beyond the borders of the City of London, most notably during this period towards the West End and Westminster. Twenty years earlier this establishment was called The London.

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Where to live in North London?

Thomas Webb ran The Greyhound in the same road but once again its location is unknown. It is now wartime and a Kelly's Directory for this year was printed on very cheap paper and lacks information in parts. Glazed yellow tiles with lotus leaf railings and two door panels by Percy Metcalfe.

Many of their activities were mentioned by The Windsor and Eton Express newspaper, which carried a section covering the workings of the local Magistrates Court. They only get a mention in the local newspaper. He was made Lord Bexley in the early s hence the connection, his brother was made Lord Vansittart some years later.

We have received the following letter from the son of a former landlord of The Mitre. On the corner, on western side, was The Lord Raglan Public House, a large building but pulled down about after being closed for some time. It is interesting to note that Windsor Corporation appear to be the owners of a least fifteen of them.

If you know of any good examples that I have not listed I would be interested to hear about them dates and architects would be useful. We then arrive at Greenham Place where Darvilles ran a post office and grocery shop. They are clearly marked on the map and one particular area caught my eye. You could of course hire them by the hour for a set rate of three shillings an hour.

The ground floor formerly used as a furniture shop awaits redevelopment. It retains original light fittings, panelling, floor surfaces and doors. In one year nearly forty-four innkeepers were found guilty. Another beer shop situated somewhere in the road was run by a William South. It related to the licensee of the Stag and Hounds Public House.

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Speed and streamlining became important especially in the new modes of travel such as the first commercial flights, trains such as the Orient Express and ocean-going liners. Original examples of these are sparse due to the trend of up-dating cafe premises. Looking at the addresses of the establishments, les job dating alternance strasbourg one can jump forward to and see that they were the nuclei of the pubs better known to us today. Only two pubs get a mention.

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Where to Live in London