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Modifying a 2D Sketch Dimension with Instant2D

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SOLIDWORKS Help - Modifying a 2D Sketch Dimension with Instant2D

Learn more about Online Configuration. The only difference is that instead of sketching on model planes or faces, you sketch on the drawing sheet or in an active view. The cloud simplifies implementation, supports expanded offerings to your customers and offers a new way for them to experience your products.

Importing Sketch Geometry

Sketch tools and sketch relations work the same way in a drawing document as they do in a part or assembly document. Maintaining Proportions in a Sketch Profile. Starting a Sketch on a Plane.

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Drawing View Alignment and Display. When this view is activated, all sketch geometry added belongs to the view. Resolving Over Defined Sketches. Creating Path Length Dimensions. Click here for information about technical support.

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Don't see the Product you are interested in listed? You can create an empty drawing view to contain sketch geometry. Automated pricing is available to North American visitors. Use on-screen rulers to precisely measure modifications. Customers will be delighted with this visual online experience.

Getting Started in Drawings. To save and access your model, connect to an online storage account Box, Google Drive, Dropbox after you log into the trial. You'll find a variety of assembly, part, and drawing sample files pre-loaded in your session. Use relations as in sketches. These pioneering companies need solutions to build their next big idea into the next great product.

Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling. Right-click the active drawing sheet and select Display Grid. Dimensions Between Arcs or Circles. If you add sketch entities to a drawing view, the border automatically resizes to include these items.

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Importing Sketch Geometry2D Sketching in Drawings

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You can click a dimension and quickly edit its values without opening Modify Dimension dialog box for resetting the geometry. Dimensioning Two Points of the Same Arc. You'll find a variety of assembly, part and drawing sample files pre-loaded in your session.

Creating Vertical Dimensions. Extruding Shaded Sketch Contours.