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She's dating the gangster bloopers kathniel love

Pero mas kailangan ka niya

Pero mas kailangan ka niya. To see you grow from my gangster, to a man and to a father. As for those who haven't, you better watch it and tell me what you think of it as well. Sir, sir, yung boyfriend ko po nawawala po siya, Sir. She is the reason why I'm going back to Legazpi.

Kung ano man na mayroon kayo ng Kenji na yan, itigil mo yan. To wish for an us, is to wish an end for Abegail. Unting-unti na ako naniniwala na mali yung mga alam ko. Some people are probably going to hate me for this fact.

The narrative dutifully builds up these characters as romantic ideals, playing out a love so simple and pure that it's easy to get swept up in all of it. Ang boyfriend ko po, nawawala po.

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To see you grow from my

There is a decent amount of things to appreciate in this film if you just ignore its technical failings. Kung may natutunan man ako, yung takot ko ang papatay sa akin. Portraying two different characters in one movie and was successful in making both adorable yet unique at the same time. And now all I want is to see him alive. Si Kenneth De Los Reyes po.

The narrative just can't support this pathos. Pwede bang kahit isang beses lang. Sobra sobrang pinasaya mo ako. She didn't want him to know.

As for those who

Ang sama ko, dahil ang huling sinabi ko sa kanya, sana siya na lang yung nawala. Oh, oh, hindi tinatago ang mga ganyan kagagandang ngiti. To the film's credit, expert direction keeps it from flying off the rails. Yang nararamdaman mo na yan, yan ang papatay sayo. As they travel, Kelay tells Kenneth their story.

In these scenes, the movie carries an affably silly, Technicolor energy that serves as a nice contrast to the overly serious romances that we tend to get from the mainstream. Inevitably, the film makes a bid for melodrama, and here it unravels quite a bit.