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Damn, woman, did you ever! Eva has part of her past come back to haunt her, with Gideon becoming involved. It does exactly what it promises to do, no unrealistic premises, no false pretenses.

Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

Reflected in You is a superior story to the first book and a surprisingly absorbing read. But I guess that really is the whole basis of Reflected In You. Reflected in you has Gideon and Eva trying to move forward in a relationship that seems impossible for them to uphold. Users who have this book I have the Ebook I have the Paperbook.

What readers are saying What do you think? It explores human obsession and extreme emotional addiction just perfectly. Okay then, I will lump it. Yes, their relationship is dysfunctional and stressful but their undying love for each other is undeniable. At times they are sweet and loving, but at a moments notice, that love, insane desire, lust, becomes gritty and raw.

Reflected in You (Crossfire 2) by Sylvia Day

Users who want this book I want the Ebook I want the Paperbook. She, just like Gideon, harry potter 7 book is seriously flawed and scarred by her past. Day did in writing this story. So the mystery was gone for me.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Day really knows how to write some steam, and boy does she excel at getting you hot and bothered.

This plot device felt overly contrived too. How much shit can I pile on you before you run like hell?

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The ending of this one made up for much of my issues I had early in the book, and even renewed my belief that Gideon and Eva are meant for each other. The characters are so well built. He's so loving one minute, and disconnected and dark the next, that I couldn't predict what was coming up next. That's because despite all they go through, I don't know if Eva and Gideon end up in a much better place than they started.

Will they finally face their demons together? In addition, Eva was a whinny pushover and Gideon was a silent, selfish bastard. But the thing was, despite some of them being irrational and over-the-top, I sympathized with both of them about their insecurities and worries. The way she writes, she can put erotica This is My very first long review.

Reflected in you by Sylvia Day Free Download. Read online books at

When she arrived she bumps into Gideon Cross, he owns and works in the Crossfire building. Who were willing to sacrifice anything for each other.

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day - Download Free ebook

We were bound by our need. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. His free hand slid slowly up his ridged abdomen and squeezed his pectoral, making me jealous.

Although Gideon knows everything about Eva, this one does not manage to open up and let himself be known, when things get difficult, he tries to silence him with sex and it works for him. Free Microsoft Points Generator Do you want to buy something you could never afford?

But again, and again, and again I trusted, he tested, I waited, I trusted and he tested some more. Gideon Cross kicks Christian Grey's ass. This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Generate your own product code.

Reflected in You Sylvia Day

Reflected in You (Crossfire 2) by Sylvia DayReflected in You Sylvia DayReflected in You - Sylvia Day - Download Free ebook

What will she have in store for Gideon and Eva? Let me start with the positives first this time, so those of you who want to exit the show before it goes south can make haste and leave while the getting is still good. For a popular series like Crossfire with fans who are so engrossed with the characters, Sylvia Day definitely had her work cut out for her follow up to Bared to You. This one is actually sort of a plus-minus for me. This is the highly anticipated sequel to Bared to You following on the next morning where the first book left off.

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The way she writes, she can put erotica in thrillers if she wanted to. Only they can understand, give to each other, what is necessary to heal the pain of the past, but yet I have to wonder if they are only hurting each other more.