Cruising in Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile

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Rancagua is home of the University of Rancagua, the first private university to be established in the O'Higgins Region. Carlos Poblete and Ariel Cozzoni.

Furthermore, the city has seen increasing immigration from neighboring South American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. El Teniente is a division of the state-owned mining enterprise, Codelco. Water is supplied by streams that rise in the Andes to the east. The region also contains a copper foundry, some sulfur deposits, and evaporation ponds along the coast for the production of salt.

Numerous sheep and cattle are pastured in the highland areas, including the lower slopes of the Andes, and in the nonirrigated lowlands. Rancagua also offers sports centers and easy access to smaller villages and towns. People of Rancagua in the Stations of the Cross ceremony. While managing indifferent league form in the early s, the club had its first South American success in the form of the Copa Libertadores. More recently, it houses the O'Higgins professional soccer club, one of the leading teams in Chilean professional soccer.

After the victory against Huachipato in Talcahuano in the third round, fans went on a tour of cities in the South of Chile. Despite of the sports failure, the club crossed hard financial problems, because Codelco not took care of that and also of the irregularities in the board, of several years ago. Since it has comprised the provinces of Cachapoal, Cardenal Caro, and Colchagua. The population of Rancagua is primarily either of Spanish descent or mestizo, with a particularly strong Basque influence.

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The city's original name was Villa Santa Cruz de Triana. Irrigated pastures support dairy herds and ready beef cattle for market.

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