Change the data in an existing chart

Powerpoint chart data not updating

All links are correct and working, and all are set to automatically update. The charts will show the new data, but as soon as I go to edit the chart it flips back and only shows the original data - there's no updated data in the worksheet.

The problem is on theChart data is only updatedExpand your Office skillsSeriesCollection to updateRefresh but it does

Chart data is only updated when the associated Excelsheet is show. Expand your Office skills. Althought the figures are set correctly in the object model, is not updated on screen, but the columns in the chart disappear.

How to refresh Excel Charts embedded in Powerpoint

Activate during the slideshow, Excel is opened with the original chart data, and the correct figures are shown in the chart. You can also update or refresh the data in a linked chart without having to go to the program in which you created the chart.

They will be reflected in the chart in PowerPoint. The same thing happens with line charts if you change the number of data points. Then, when the slideshow is run, the data numbers of the chart need to be updated from csharp code with some real-time measurements. The Chart Tools contextual tab appears at the top of the PowerPoint window.

As long I update the excel chart the windows powerpoint chart updates fine. SeriesCollection to update the data. PowerPoint refreshes and saves the chart automatically.

PowerPoint refreshes and savesAs long I update the

Refresh but it does not seems to have any effect. The problem is on the Mac side.

Obviously this is not a viable solution, as the Excel window is appearing during the slideshow, which is definitely a no-go. When you paste this into PowerPoint on Windows as a linked excel chart and then update the data - the update happens correctly. Create a new folder and place a new blank presentation in there.

Less If your PowerPoint presentation contains a chart, you can edit the chart data directly in PowerPoint, whether the chart is embedded in or linked to your presentation. Users update their values and changes are almost instant also in Powerpoint. Dear Experts, I am facing problems updating data in a chart. Insert a chart into a PowerPoint presentation To learn how to insert an Excel chart into a presentation, see Use charts and graphs in your presentation.