Peugeot Speedfight 2 50cc Manual

Traffic rules require that the driver and his passenger wear a helmet. Do not use an oil and petrol fuel mixture. Avoid constantly applying the brakes as excessive heating will reduce braking efficiency and may cause an accident. The bodywork is made of plastic parts coated with special paints making it easy to keep it looking as good as new.

Speedfight 2

German, French, English Ask a question. Respect speed limits and never go faster than is safe under the road conditions.

Peugeot speedfight 50 lc

Safety recommendations The safety of a scooter depends on the care taken by its driver. Precaution The fuse only burns out if there is a fault in the electrical circuit. It is essential that the used coolant be deposited at a recycling point.

The engine will provide optimum performance only after running a certain time, depending on the external temperature. Always do a general check before using your scooter to make sure that it can be used safely. To avoid injury, always make sure that the engine is switched off and the scooter is stable on its stand on a flat surface before performing any maintenance operations.

PEUGEOT SpeedFight 3 Workshop Manual

PEUGEOT SpeedFight 3 Workshop Manual

Contact a Peugeot dealer for maintenance and repair. Take your scooter to a Peugeot dealer to do any repair work, checks, tune-ups, audioretoucher maintenance or to obtain recommendations for use. You can always call a Peugeot dealer if in doubt. All manuals on ManualsCat.

When driving down a steep slope, drop back the throttle and use both brakes in order to reduce your speed, enabling you to maintain control of the vehicle. Do not smoke, do notallowflamesorsparksclosetothescooter or close to the place in which the petrol is stored. Abnormal operation When the ignition is turned on, engine stopped The warning light does not go on Either the power of the electronic box is faulty.


Wipe the grease off the fork tubes. After refitting, pump the forks several times to eliminate the excess grease inside the tubes.

Worn tyres have an adverse effect on steering, braking, traction and road holding ability and may cause an accident. Avoid repeated and prolonged contact with the skin and do not inhale the vapors.

To close Press the back of the saddle - Oil level Check the oil level regularly. Turn off the engine in order not to damage it, and go to a local dealer, with the engine stopped.


Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. Fill up with petrol in a well ventilated location with the engine switched off. Or the bulb of the warning light is burnt out.

When charging or using in a closed location, make sure that the ventilation is good. When re-installing, respect the direction of installation of the filter shown by the arrow which indicates in which direction the fuel flows. Petrolmustnotreach the neck of the filling orifice.

Excessive speed is a decisive factor in many accidents. When the engine is running The warning light stays on Turn off the ignition and check the oil level. Oil must not reach the neck of the filling orifice. Draining The Relay Box - Pour the required quantity of oil corresponding to the manufacturer's standards into the filler hole. Do not allow water or any grit or particles to enter the tank when filling.

People's safety can be seriously affected if Compulsory Operation that can be the recommendations are not fully gloves dangerous for people. This inspection will help to restore essential safety conditions. Checking the level of coolant is carried out with the engine cold and at a standstill.

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Fitting of a spark plug other than that recommended or failure to tighten it properly will lead to the destruction of the engine and the electronics. Placing the theft protection device around the rear wheel may damage the number plate. Appropriate valves are fitted in rims. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your question. Once the engine has started, gradually accelerate while braking until the engine warms up the time to reach the temperature depends on the time the vehicle has been stored.

Speedfight 2

Removal Of The Mixture Screw When re-fitting, this operation allows you to put it back to its initial adjustment position. Abnormal operation When turning on the engine The warning light goes on Turn off the ignition and check the oil level. When replacing them, use tyres and rims marked tubelessonly.

Reassembly Lubricate the brake cam spindle and fit it into the casing. Protect eyes when working close to a battery.