O beijo do vampiro online dating

O beijo do vampiro online dating

This event crush his father Galileo, who is a vampire-hunter, but he lets his son lives out of mercy. Petra van Petra A female vampire doctor turned by Mina several centuries ago, she becomes her close friend and helps her when she discovers Mina is pregnant by human. Galileo, who was trying to vanquish Victor, infiltrates his domain and stakes Count Dracula, thinking he has destroyed Victor. Mina tried to kill Zeca several times, but he was much stronger than her. She is sexually attractive and seductive, but at the same time she is treacherous and predatory.

Galileo is incompetent when it comes to vampire-hunting. During his stay in Maramures, he turn a criminal called Godzilla into a vampire and his loyal servant. She reappears, now as beautiful and attractive teenage girl having aged at accelerated rate until adolescence where she would hit immortality. He is a dark, seductive, elegant and somewhat clumsy at the same time cold, cruel and malevolent. Her death still haunts him.

Supporting humans Galileo Van Burguer A

Rodrigo and Livia apoixonam decorer in the novel, but always need face Boris plots. He is kind and gentle, preferring to not fight the vampire and offering the chance of retreat before fighting.

In the end, Zeca resumed his new life with his family to live happily after. Supporting humans Galileo Van Burguer A clumsy, absent-minded and lousy vampire hunter.

Later Rodrigo manages the power ring of ownership that leaves you as powerful as Boris, but slowly transforms into a malignant character. He destroys Galileo, and convinces several vampires to join his cause, igniting the final battle between good and evil.

Ezequiel sees the people in blackIn the end Zeca

Ezequiel sees the people in black, white and shades of gray. In the final battle, Zeca helps his father who was mortally wounded by Nosferatu, and with the angel Ezekiel's help, they destroy Nosferatu.

Empowered by the angel Ezekiel's holy power, Zeca banishs him permanently to Hell. Despite his incompetence, he proves to be capable of destroying unintentionally Count Dracula by staking him in the heart, however he was trying to destroy Victor Victorio at the time, not Dracula. With the vampires destroyed or retreated to the darkness, he returns to Heaven having finish his job on Earth. The conflict splits the vampire society in half. Zeca is the only vampire who chooses to protect the humans.

Unlike the other vampires, Pandora is very girly and cheerful, and not necessarily evil and cruel. Heart-broken, she meets the vampire Victor, and asks him to bite her. Rodrigo is a human being who goes to Maramures after being hired to work by Boris vampire. Augusto, a district attorney, feuds with Armando, because he wants to preserve a historical monument while Armando wants to demolish it to build a shopping center. Lara Rodrigo's seductive ex-girlfriend, she comes to Maramures to reassure he belongs to her.

He obeys and turns her into a vampire. In the end, he joins Zoroastra's spirit in Heaven. Zeca never drinks blood or attacks humans but he has no problem when he uses his vampire powers to impress anyone.