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Apart from the tendency to harp on inconsequential matters, or stretch a negligible incident into something huge, the author has mostly kept to the topic. Newer Post Older Post Home. Yo anubhava malai pahileko upanyasabata gyata thiyo. No part of the news, articles or programs appearing on this site may be reproduced without the prior permission. Actually, it's one of the best blogspot where we can downloand not only music but also the literature of all times which is really good to listen and mesmarizing.

Suman Jee we have already added descriptions. Pagal Basti is my recommendation to listen.

Beside you can also download Nepali upanyas audio file from here so that you can listen novel in your portable music system. Download Nepali story Aakarharu ra Chhaayaaharu. Listen Nepali Story from Shruti Sambeg. Palpasa cafe is Madan Puraskar winner Nepali novel.

Download Summer Love Nepali Novel Listen online - Sudeep Tamrakar

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Seto Bagh is one of the famous historical novel where the writer defined the internal secrets of Royal Palace of Nepal and contemporary Rana regime. Listen Audio version of Nepali Story from here. Download Nepali audio Novel Lal Chudi. But doesn't, a game of dwarves full and the book ends with the misunderstanding. Summer Love was an interesting read.

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After reading this book what I can conclude is this is not written by professional writer or it's written by beginner. Then comes the role of their family who have to come in between them. Upanyasa prayogama, sandesama ra sangathanama pani pani uttikai abbala banera aeko chha. Yet, no matter how hard I try, I just can't figure out the reason she left the guy hanging. Listen Atma Britanta from shruti sambeg on Achyut Ghimire's voice.

Saya now feel betrayed and thinks he has affair with the girl. Listen Stories from Maxim Gorky. Ajhai naya naya novel haru upload garnu hola. At some point, I seemed to have stopped hoping for a happy ending.

If yes, please click on the next page number. They catch fishes, crabs and other foods. Publisher Godasik publication Kathmandu, Nepal ko lagi sree syham kumar karna dhara prakasit. Beside you can download Naagpash. At that time for full download use Download Managers.

Once you read both books, you can really see all the pieces falling into place but there were some things that didn't really make sense to me somehow. However, I don't see it as the author's mistake. This programme is really really great.

Autobiography on Shruti Sambeg

All these flaws, though, are minor when compared with the risk the writer has decided to take, by writing in a mater-of-fact language that could be lambasted for its lack of ornamentation. Other books in the series. Open Preview See a Problem?

Discovering different values and ways to get by in life is really interesting. They fish in different parts of the river, they use different types of the nets, traps and tools. Manchheharu suchanako sankalanalai gyana thanchhan, desa videsaka dherai kura jannu ra gyana prapta garnu pharaka pharaka kura ho.

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His quest to find who she was, finally pays off. Anabrit Anabrit is written by Prabha Kauni. This creates a misunderstanding between them and Atit feels ignored. Ani aphule janeka kriyaharulai kapima utaren.

With this issue come attached the issues of misogyny, a palpable feature in all kinds of fiction authored by males. Actually I wanna know whether you recite published book only or unpublished also. Atma Britanta Atma Britanta written by B. Most people are also able to relate themselves as a lead character Atit and some even felt that this was their story. Upanyasama suktimaya mahavani banna sakne dherai abhivyaktiharu chhan.

Download Summer Love Nepali Novel Listen online - Sudeep Tamrakar

Indra Bahadhur Rai is Dimentionalist writer. Rider Haggard Listen famous story Cleopatra written by H.

Autobiography on Shruti Sambeg

On his next book, Saya we find the other part of the story. Her actions actually hurt me. One of the worst books that I've ever come across.

Every time I have someone coming from Nepal, I ask for some Nepali books. Jitendra sahayogiko yo pustaka padhunjela malai yahi lagirahyo kina sahayogile yatro pustakabharipa baheka aru varnabat suru hune sabda bhetenan? He was born in Gokarna in the Kathmandu Valley. Mulak bahira ma can be listen from shruti sambeg on Achyut Ghimire's voice.

Sabdaharuko janakari paschata katha bunna sajilo bhayo. Why Saya behaving like unknown to Mr Atit though he is her husband?

Anyways thank you for your valuable work. This famous Nepali novel Jhola is one of my best novels from Nepal and Nepali writer. To view new customs, different ways of living is fantastic for the mind. The problem of Atit and Saaya is mainly due to their caste difference but I bet even if they were from the same caste, there would be some other problems.