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The only thing that we consider to be an issue is a graphic improvement. Notify me of new posts by email. Player rating has been modified considerably. Depending upon what you say, your image will be made positive or negative which depends on a lot of factors. This is a basketball title for those who are unaware of this fact.

Some of the stars have got their special tricks and moves included as well! Watch this video How to Download. The online game is great fun but challenging as well. This kind of immersive gameplay sounds great and actually makes this more fun to play with your friends.

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Following link gives you full version of this to play on the console. You dont need to make anything full its already full version. The MyPlayer mode has also evolved in this version. Using this stick with other buttons allows you to perform variety of new moves. Even though we praised the game for its visuals and great special effects, we still have to remember about older, mandarin dictionary outdated hardware configurations.

NBA 2K13 PC Game - Free Download Full Version

Except for very nice details, the ragdoll system is also worth mentioning. You will not be able to back away from some of the menus and when you save then save screen still remains there even after the saving is finished which is annoying to say the least. Getting and playing this game is really easy, just follow the instructions given below. This is the version that keeps getting better and better with every new version released each year. You will find some great additions and some not so important ones but all in all this is one of its kind.

But i cant find any cd keys so i cant play the game, can you help please. The celebs team is led by none other than Justin Bieber himself and they have great attributes as well.

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There you go look at the link given at the end of this article you will find it. Your email address will not be published. They have brought us a stunning and a much improved version for us.

They have added plenty of new features along with the pro basketball league as well. Developers had the courage to change a tried and tested formula and were brave enough to mess with a great version.

You can now have the option of meeting the G of our team and talk positives or negatives about everything about the organization. In addition, we can see improvement in the controls of the players.

The addition of some of the features is great and not so great in some parts but overall its great and you should play if you are a fan of the sport. This particular game mode is just for fun and to practice your skills, so you can become even greater basketball player. Split screen makes the production much more competing and entertaining for everyone.

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This game manages to keep the game fresh while keeping all the elements that were popular from the previous version. This might be the greatest basketball game or it might even be the greatest in sports bar none. However, there are also many other improvements that will definitely make the game much more enjoyable. Watch the tutorial videos given above to learn more. The result of this messing is a much better experience than before.

We leave it the gamers to enjoy the play rather than staring at the menus. But the developers have done a great job with this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you love creating your own teams and test your skills with others, then online mode presented in this instalment will certainly fulfil your expectations.

You will immediately see that particular player get up and move to the sideline for the next dead ball situation to get in. The main game mode that we can find in the production is of course is a free match. It is proven that on slower computers game might be freezing, lagging, and there might be problems with loading screen. The My player mode has been renamed to My career which is like a role playing element of this game in which you create and take control of a single player.

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Only problem with this is that you are not introduced to the new features. We just wanted to let you know that first hand because that how great this has become. The control system has undergone some changes. You will need to read about all the moves in the main menu in order to master them, only then can you start enjoying it.

To get it you use torrent only one link or from direct links from one single box All links from only one text box. The menu system again is a pain in the ass. Just read all the instructions before starting to do anything or you will mess things up.

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The developers were brave to change the tried and tested formula as was done with Fifa series of football games. If you also found a link that is unavailable please be patient, we will update once becomes available. Tried the demo it looks good.

The overall animations while running, passing shooting look very natural and hence realistic. You will be staring at menus even after doing what you wanted to do in the first place and no way to back out to main menu shown anywhere. Hey admin, it works perfectly with the crack.

The right stick is now used as control stick which gives you a greater control over movement, ball handling and shooting. There you will find links in text boxes as well as torrents.

All the gameplay modes from the last version reappear in this game as well. The pace and the ball control and flow are all better than ever. So if you are a fan of hoops and want to try your hand at this then this is your chance to become an All-Star Professional. In addition, in this mode we can play with one additional person by sharing the screen, if you like hanging out with your friends and you both like basketball it is your way to go. If you are using Kinect then this supports voice commands for Kinect as well.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, it is a brand new game, made on a very demanding graphics engine, so playing it on a very old computer is pointless. But do not expect that there were no changes at all, because we can clearly see some minor developments in the game.

You can as always play in rookie mode or gain experience and then use the skill points to improve your skills. You will gain experience and skill points and become a better player, this will get you a chance to get drafted with the better teams. The player models and their animation are created with great detail. Also, the graphics in the game has changed, now it is a lot better and more realistic. Free version of this is just a few steps away from here, skip reading and start the process of getting this game.