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The most powerful words are no words. We are alone and create alone, but we go out into the world, and bring with us our own experience. She commands our attention, and we share her sadness, compassion, anger and hope. His property included thousands of acres, from the mountains to the sea. Writing has been always present in my life, but I would say that going into exile was the catalysis that made clear the role of writing in my life.

She commands our attention and we

To be a writer was very abstract then. To a huge extent, music is a tool that helps us to communicate. This had never happened to me before. Publishing being a public act is true, but writing is purely private.

There is nothing more provocative or powerful in literature than silence. Writing is a private act, and publishing is the public element of the natural process of writing. The man who shaped my mind most was my grandfather. His father was a landowner in Temuco, in the south of Chile.

Even if you master technical skills, you need a contact with the environment, just as you need contact with yourself. My new poetry comprehends historical events. Very interesting book about society and music, and how music can heal or help communication.

Said is somebody new to me. Slow Man is not the best work of Coetzee, I think.

The most powerful words are

Chile is a class society, you belong to the upper class or the lower class, the middle class was completely destroyed under the military dictatorship. Personally, I see myself as a part of a community. There they try to recapture some of the truth they have experienced.

We are alone

Many may decide to take a step forward and become active in changing certain realities. It included the Fundo Santa Celia and a gold mine. It is funny, because as long as I have to speak in other languages, I will be in silence. There is nothing wrong with that unless you write secret letters to yourself. Other writers withdraw themselves into isolation and writing.

Whether apathetic or unfelt, an individual sensibility is necessarily molded by collectivity and history. Now I see it as a blessing, a gift that we need to share if we can. It is also more a product of imagination than autobiographical, unlike my first two books. We are one, the collective consciousness and the individual. The act of publishing is a public act.