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Her role as Baek Ma-ri in Orange Marmalade is kind of complicated, because she portrayed a teenage student who is actually a vampire. Did we miss your favorite K-Pop idol turned actress? Music Core with fellow member Tiffany. Recently, she joined Kim Soo-hyun in the film, Real. The song was used for the soundtrack of the television series, Working Mom.

Who among the listed actors is your favorite? While it's not enough to say that this is proof, Sunday News reports that most of the professional baseball league knows of their relationship.

Krystal fx One of the best characters in the hit drama, The Heirs, is the attractive and beautiful student, Lee Bo Na. She started in playing the role of Kim Pil-suk in Dream High. Seohyun started her acting career with a supporting role in Passionate Love, where she was praised by the director for her expressiveness and understanding of her character very well.

Entertainment Casting System and joined the company in after finishing in second place in the S. Dasom Sistar Kim Da-som of Sistar is also making her way into acting.

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She then performed a special stage with him for one of his performances of the song on Show! Music Core, playing the piano in the background. She also took roles in Korean drama, such as Dr. At first, many critics seemed skeptical with her taking the lead role, but when Hyeri bursts out her acting potential, they were left astounded.

This adorable character was brought to life by Krystal of f x. Since then, Eunji is recognized as one of the best idol actresses. Who is your favorite K-Pop idol turned actress? With her exceptional talent in acting, Suzy received several awards including the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for her films, Architecture and The Sound of a Flower.

She starred recently in the drama Uncontrollably Fond together with Kim Woo-bin. The drama, Prime Minister and I became successful and popular in Asia.

When she was in the girl group, she was praised for her singing and rap skills, but now that she had decided to pursue in acting, she received positive praises for her performance as an actress. After showing off her potential by playing supporting roles, she will be taking her first lead role this on a web drama called Ruby Ruby Love. Music Core in the following month to focus on the group's activities. Aside from acting on small screen, Seohyun is also known on stage for her brilliant performances as a stage actress. She had numerous roles in Filipino dramas which usually showed her hilarious and comedic side.

Not to worry though, you can express your thoughts below. She started her acting career in drama with a supporting role in Unstoppable Marriage. She was first discovered in Star Circle Quest, a reality-based talent search in the Philippines and was able to pursue her singing and acting career. Naeun Apink Son Na-eun of Apink is also becoming popular for her acting performances. Youth Best Dancer Contest.

But recently, she had the role of a second female lead in the drama, Cinderella and Four Knights, where she portrayed Park Hye-ji, a tough woman with a kind heart inside. Jiyeon T-ara Apart from performing on stage, the maknae and main dancer of T-ara is also performing on small screen. They are indeed talented, successful, and popular.

She nailed her first lead role as Choi Anna in the drama, Fashion King. Her performance in My Spring Days became the most iconic, which made her won several awards for her acting. She also won numerous awards for her drama performances as best actress. Taking the role of Shi-won, the female lead, she showed off her acting skills by bringing an emotional and hilarious fictional character into life.

Who is your favorite K-Pop idol turned actress?

Her performance in Cinderella Man and Love Rain have also gained her recognition. Known as K-Pop idols turned actors, these beautiful and pretty idols have already proven themselves when it comes to acting.

Yuri is set to star in the second season of the sitcom, The Sound of Your Heart as the female lead. Yuri also had a lead role in the drama, Neighbourhood Hero. The drama was positively praised, as well as Yuri's performance alongside the lead actor, Yoo Ah-in. Eunji Apink It is not easy to be exceptionally great when you're just new to acting, especially those who are transitioning from being a music idol into an actor. Yoona proved her acting skills by taking lead and supporting roles in dramas.

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This list is not in order. She continued to perform well in the following dramas.

She also played a supporting role in the musical drama, Cantabile Tomorrow. It was nice to see him taking such good care of her. This multi-talented girl became extremely successful not only in her singing career, but in her acting career as well. When Minah landed her first leading role in Beautiful Gong Shim, many were touched and amazed by her performance.

Her family consists of her parents and older brother named Kwon Hyuk-jun. Music Core and hosted the show until January when Yuri left the show once again to focus on her drama debut. Insiders say Yuri probably stayed not to go on dates with him, but to support him, isotope dating methods in geology as Oh Seung Hwan is known for focusing only on his games during the season.

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Later, she took her first lead role in the drama, My Lovely Girl, where she showed off her strong determination in pulling off a difficult character. She is now a certified idol turned actor for her brilliant performance in several dramas. It may not be an easy role to take, but Minah's performance is so convincing. She portrays the image of a girl with no self confidence who always feel ugly and bad about herself.

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Her acting in the drama, Melody of Love, brought her several nominations as best new actress. However, the show was later postponed. Oh Seung hwan was in Korea during November and December, and the two reportedly met up together often during the two months. Her portrayal of a spoiled yet kind-hearted girl was praised positively.

Her brilliant acting brought a huge success in the drama, making it the highest rated Korean drama in cable television history. Besides singing and dancing with her group mates in Apink, she is also venturing in other projects, like taking mini roles in dramas.

Send us your questions for Minzy! She continued taking supporting roles until she played the lead role of Goo Jae-hee in the drama, To the Beautiful You. The two of them have been spotted together since last November. Aside from her group activities, she had a small role in a television segment, The King's Boyfriend, which was part of the documentary Super Junior Show by S.