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I am dating a bipolar manic, when You Suspect the Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

As much as you may love your new mate, this relationship will be taxing on you emotionally. Upon learning the truth about what you are facing, you need to be truthful first with yourself and then with your partner about if you are ready to continue with the relationship.

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You should also do your best to remain calm during these episodes of fighting so that the fights and arguments do not escalate unnecessarily. However, undesirable things happen to everyone, even people without a mental illness.

You find yourself unsure about whether or not your courtship should continue. However, the first step is getting your loved one in to see a doctor. You could end up having a relationship with an emotionally in tune man who is aware of self and talks openly and honestly about his feelings.

You should be prepared for a relationship that is truly intense. Break-ups are usually frequent, but make-up sessions often follow shortly after and the make-up can be just as passionate, or more so, than the break-up. We are more social, in an erratic sort of way. You like him, you like his friends, you like his moves in the bedroom.

Then he sits you down and tells you that he has bipolar disorder. If you date someone with bipolar disorder long enough, you might have to see them through an episode. There is a treatment for a bipolar episode, things to make the person feel better.

What You Need To Know About Dating Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Chances are, we either know how to handle it, or we are working on it. You may be wondering if there is hope for a relationship like yours that has to endure these incredible and intense emotions on a regular basis.

If this is the case, you can help him or her out by ensuring medications are taken as directed and ensuring that he or she keeps all medical appointments. You wonder if he could be husband material. As you can imagine, the high points can certainly have an impact on your relationship. You can be singing the praises of that new person in your life one minute and then stressing about something that was said or unsaid, or something that you did or failed to do the next minute. As far as your relationship goes, your mate may even pull away from you.

With the lows, you will generally find that your partner is down and exhibits symptoms that most people think about when depression comes to mind. To ensure that we do not end up drunk dialing someone, or worse, we have to make sure our feelings do not get the best of us. You may think that the high points, which are characterized by extreme happiness and even excitability, may be great for your relationship.

However, these high points can also be dictated by the person wanting to try new things and live out an adventurous streak.

Even the most hardened of people will feel the emotional tug of love, jealousy, heartache, and the other spectrum of emotions that come with dating. The fact is that many people living with the bipolar disorder condition, whether it has been diagnosed or not, do not like to talk about their episodes. The fact is that many couples who deal with bipolar disorder just like you two go on to enjoy very long, happy, violin players in bangalore dating and albeit emotional at times relationships.

When You Know the Diagnosis Your new mate may be very aware of the mental illness he or she is living with, and may have been diagnosed months or years ago. They may cry often and for no apparent reason.

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This is a very common condition, and it is entirely treatable with medication. Moreover, when we feel bad, we have bad thoughts and might want to do bad things, like polish off a whole bottle of liquor, call up our ex, or get behind the wheel while in an agitated state.

The truth is that not everyone is cut out for being involved in this type of intense relationship. Everyone you date and care about is bound to live through some bad stuff. It makes us feel very intense negative feelings, and they are usually about ourselves. They may pull away from social situations and become more reclusive. This emotional distance can be difficult to live with, especially when you believed the relationship was on solid footing.

For some, this may mean traveling to new and exciting places on a whim. For others, however, it may mean driving too fast and far too recklessly, experimenting with alcohol and drugs, and even adopting a promiscuous lifestyle for that period of time. This can help the two of you to stay on even ground and work through the complex and extreme emotions you both may feel throughout your relationship. Yet when you know that this emotional distance has been created because of the illness and not because of anything you have done, it is often easier to live with. This means that your relationship will not have to suffer through the intense roller coaster of emotions that it otherwise would.

When You Know the Diagnosis