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Hook up positive or negative first, do you hook up the positive or negative wire first on a battery

Most likely the starting selenoid went out. Where do i hook the negative battery cable up to on the engine? Reversing the battery will cause melted wires and destroyed diodes in the alternator, if you have one. That way, if for some reason the battery does explode, it won't spray sulfuric acid in my eyes.

If there is going to be a spark, it will occur at the moment a circuit is completed, and that only happens when both are finally connected. Most people say when they aren't wearing makeup, they feel incredibly insecure. If you are presented with two cables of the same colour, the one connected directly to the car body is usually the negative cable, and the cable that goes to the fuses is the positive. When making that last connection to frame ground, I take my other hand and hold it between my face and the battery.

Not everybody will agree, but makeup blocks the sebum glands in the face if these glands become blocked, spots usually appear. Makeup is fine used in relatively small amounts, but too much will definitely contribute to facial acne and blemishes. Batteries, particularly run down batteries, create explosive gases, and creating a spark near them is bad.

If the negative is already connected, when you hook up the positive side, it will spark. It may melt the wire you use. Anywhere on the engine block or the chassis of the vehicle. Make sure it is clear of these. You can connect it to any large bolt on the engine, but be careful of the pulleys and belts.

It does not matter, in terms of sparking, whether you connect negative or positive first. Positive to positive, negative to negative if you are asking about installing one battery in a vehicle.

Why does your negative side of the battery spark when you hook up the cable? What happens when you hook up the negative to a postitive on car battery? Where does the neg battery cable hook up at besides battery? Hook positive up first, sports car dating club negative last.

The issue of disconnecting negative first and reconnecting it last is simply one of protection from sparks or more problematic, shorts caused by the tool. The wire or wrench or anything metal conecting the two posts will get very hot fast. How can you determine positive and negative to hook up car battery?

What happens if you hook up negative first? In all probability, that something will be grounded to negative, so the greatest risk is when you disconnect positive first or reconnect it last. What is the Positive and negative of make up?

Do you hook up positive or negative first

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Nowthere is no power no where. The other possible interpretation of the question involves the order in which you connect jumper cables.

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Do you hook up the positive or negative wire first on a battery

What you should do is make the last connection to a solid frame ground, away from the battery. The negative side is less likely to spark when connected, so it is safe to make that your last connection. That last connection - the one that ultimately creates a circuit, should not be directly to the battery. If your first urine samle was positive can a split urine sample come up negative?

This is unless the battery is too discharged to generate enough heat and it will simply start cooling as it drains its energy. If you put a wrench on a battery terminal and turn it, it is always possible that the wrench will touch something and cause a spark or short. Just make sure you have a good clean solid connection with metal.

There is something else I also do, that I recommend highly. Eventually the batter may explode or blow the top off. Google your car or get a Hayne's or Chilton's mannual if not sure.

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Frame ground is the same as negative, so making the connection there, while generating a spark, does so somewhat away from the battery, reducing the chance of it exploding. It depends on how the first sample was tested.

Is the Positive or Negative Cable Attached First in a Lawn Mower?