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The performance saw the two acts at their commercial peak, having established themselves with an impressive stockpile of hits. Many of the sources available were subjective lists also. When you're at this age, everything feels like the end of the world. Announcing itself to the world through triumphant violins, the song was truly a breath of fresh air.

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This is considered as a landmark song in Philippine music. Download these songs now and see if you agree with this list. Back in the days when cover versions of foreign songs were lording the airwaves, Kapantay Ay Langit was considered a breakthrough hit.

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It was such a huge hit that it is only one of Filipino songs that sold millions of copies in terms of singles and cassette copies. Gone are the days when I could hear a Filipino love song out in the wild.

As a result, Pinoy rock had its second golden days the first one was during the seventies where Mike Hanopol, Joey Pepe Smith, and Sampaguita were rock gods. At sa umaga, ang hangin ang hahaplos sayo? To love is to reach out for connection, to bridge the distance, even if it is filled with a melancholy that spans districts.

She lets her voice cradle the lyrics, nurturing her hurt and pain as her question goes unanswered. For how long do I love you? It stretches out the feelings of longing and bliss spilling out of a guy who still can't fathom how he ended up being with the love of his life. Looking back at your first love will, in time, inevitably sound like tired defeat.

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Originally performed by Maricris Bermont, this song was totally owned by Regine Velaszquez when she recorded her own cover version during the late eighties. The tune is uncomplicated and the rhymes feel obvious, but what it has is an unassuming earnestness whose purpose is to give the final goodbye. There were no streaming then so you can just imagine this song breaking the Internet in this side of the Pacific if this was released when Spotify was already present at that time. Who would forget her extreme bending posture while singing this song? It's quite challenging to develop a very objective list due to some factors such as availability of hard data for example.

It's the earnestness of Miranda's lyrics and the amusing images he creates which have made the track a staple for anyone who's toyed with the idea of wooing someone through song. You have to admit that this song is quite inane but hey, it is probably one song about Philippine History that became very popular. Click here for the mechanics of how the list was put together.

It has become a standard for every Filipino singer to release their own version in one of their albums. While not all hugot becomes a Filipino love song, all Filipino love songs are hugot. Some songs you need to soak in. The beloved object is far from you, brorsoft video converter crack and so you pull the feeling from within yourself with even greater force. Not every love song has to hurt.



Yet this is precisely the reason why the song is true. Second, is that in lieu of hard data, the author tried to use objective assessment and opinion to validate the list. Lack is its animating, fundamental constituent. Until my heart yet knows how to love, until God takes me from this world, etc. It was most likely the most recent song in memory that had achieved such omnipresence for a long period of time.

Long distance runners speak of a point at the nineteenth or twentieth mile where they become keenly aware of their fatigue and pain and wonder whether or not they can finish the race at all. The two versions must not be compared, but the temptation is just too hard to resist. When the song became a very huge hit, Regine Velaszquez had her first concert using the song as the title.

And the sound of a million other hearts breaking upon hearing it. Jukeboxes around the Philippines would have cried if this song is not played at least once in every hour. Even its optimism seems to come from a better, brighter time. You can feel it right as his voice is ushered in by the first few strums of the guitar to that sweeping climax near the end.

Depending on how you look at it, the song either has no chorus, or three different choruses. The act of love depicted here is an expedition, a trek to the edges of the earth.


Like syrup, it drips with unapologetic sentimentality. The popularity of this song spread in many places around the world and has several international versions including Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and English. Here was the ex-teenybopper with a mid-tempo pop song about love in sober, nuanced terms. But something was still lacking. This is probably the most legendary Pinoy disco song of all times.

Because of this song, Imelda Papin was the Jukebox Queen of her generation. This is the most iconic Filipino song of all times as this is the song that can be considered as an international hit. Love, unlike life, is really all about the destination, because otherwise there really is no point. Before the word was appropriated to mean watery slam poetry and Twitter tautology, hugot was the core of the Filipino love song. Newer Post Older Post Home.

While the lyrics read as singular in perspective, the song gains a new, poignant layer as a duet, with these feelings mirrored by the object of desire. With that, it is recommended that you prepare your own list and publish it online to make it form part of available data with regards to this topic. Any teenager in has eventually grown up to realize that love isn't something you gain by eating isaw or collecting tansan. The song and group inspired many local bands to compose similar songs in terms of theme and genre. The track started like a love song and then at the second verse, it transforms into a fast beat and accelerates until the end of the song.

It is said that you can hardly name a destination around the world where you could not find a Filipino singer or musician. How close is the product to that which produced it though? As if to say, in love, there's no difference mined from the bigness or smallness of a gesture.

Rivers Cuomos are everywhere. The images the song creates should be worn out and cheesy, but they are tempered by the earnestness of lead singer Joey Generoso's delivery. Defenseless in its honesty.