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Some people are happy, some are shocked, some are scared, and some don't even notice the drastic change. For a while everyone is on their best behavior and the town has never been filled with so much kindness. The power of their individual voices all expressing the same thought reaches the heavens and God decides to send down an angel to answer their prayer in unison.

This article does not cite any sources. But in the ensuing chase, their car explodes, killing Nancho. While in custody, several of the group are targeted for assassination, including Perrys and the nurse who helped Tato escape.

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When she hears of his supposed death, El Capo's mother dies from grief. The detonations also damage the bunker, causing it to be evacuated of all but Tato, who is injured and left behind. Hopeville is a simple story, told to inspire, motivate, and keep people realizing that they too can create their own miracle, if they only ask for it.

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It is revealed that General Moncado and General Sarmiento, who were with the military are actually allied with El Capo. The military force is ramped up by the President, who is running for re-election. When the military discovers something very rare in the lake, they drop two bombs on the lake to scare the wildlife out of the area. In that one night the town is transformed in the most unusual way.

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Nancho fails to tell Juan Carlos, El Capo's son, about the bomb, who is killed in the explosion. El Capo and his band surrender, in order to protect the rest of his family. The military attacks the caves, and in the battle Chemo is killed.

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Everyone also thinks that El Capo has died in the explosion. While El Capo and the rest move to a nearby farm, hookah hookup kratom Tato is captured. El Capo and Tato escape in a stolen car. They escape into the caves and join El Capo's men.

Unknown to the towns people, they are on the clock and if they don't all agree on a very simple task, this gift will be taken away from them forever. However, an informer has given their location to the military, who follow them there.

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They then enlist a nurse and help Tato escape from the hospital prior to his being transported to jail. But soon, the evil minded people in town find a way to manipulate this pure gift which angers the angel. Will people ever learn that they are put on this earth for only one reason, to enjoy the journey, be happy, live in the moment and learn from their challenges?