Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya Video Song

Yes, the lyrics are easy and simple to stay in our mind and the tune is too good! They were happily flying from one tree to another. Music By The Famous Ilayaraja! This is sort of a nostalgic post. We were fascinated by the birds, squirrels etc.

Great nostalgic, goosebumpy stuff! All of us used to look forward to embarking on an adventure with Uncle Scrooge along with his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. The illustrations are single line figures without too much detailing, yet aptly defining and demarking each n every character. Bhim Sain, better known today as the creator of the animated series on Hanuman, did the animations for Ek Chidya which I believe laid the foundation for other Indian animations as well. You know why I was not able to post a blog for such a long time.

Although Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya was not a full-fledged cartoon show it brings nostalgic feels every time it is played. Mile sur mera tumahara and ek chidiya anek chidiyan both were simply magnificient.

Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya Doordarshan HD Video - video dailymotion

Glad to have found this here! The difference being that it is placed in stratosphere instead of outer space and that is where it gets it name from. The story of the hunter capturing the birds in the net and the birds flying together and escaping because they were together, they could escape, she says! Baloo appeared in this series as its main lead and bush pilot whose air cargo freight business is purchased by Rebecca Cunningham and is joined by an orphan boy and former air pirate Kit Cloudkicker.

The melody is something that beats the best of the pop songs and the filmi latka jhatkas of today. There is no better way to end the piece than to quote the chorus of the song. Yes, super hit christian devotional songs malayalam mp3 the whole family used to get ready to watch these types of good songs and serials when it was just Doordarshan! Can you tell me who is singer?

Didi ye anek kya hota hai? Abhimanyu is mad about this video. This thread also has the full lyrics and a link to the video posted about a month back at another site. This short film also has the distinction of being the most viewed and downloaded video in the history of Indian short films.

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Is this is spelling mistake? These awards are important for me, Kanagu and Destination Infinity!

Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya Doordarshan HD Video

The credit of the final product as usual goes to the captain of the ship i. The music by Vasant Desai complements the simplicity of the narrative without actually ever underestimating the power or the importance of the message.

Thank you, Destination Infinity! Why don't you put up an email subscription as well in the sidebar of your blog? My earlier house was an independent house and I had grown many flowering plants. Here are some interesting facts about our own currency Rupee that I gathered.

You can do that from feedburner. Bhimsain Khurana's son Kireet Khurana is becoming famous for his documentary films and animation film making. Let me point out one more thing. Ashwini presented this important award to me, thank you! Nowadays, they don't show Films Division documentaries even in theatres!

Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya Mp3

Ek chidiya anek chidiya animation short maker Bhimsain Khurana dead

Me and My Random Thoughts. With all my writings gone?

No, This time it is not a spelling mistake and I did not mean satellite. The moods of the morning sky. The characters were adapted from the animated feature The Jungle Book.

Swaadhisht View my complete profile. Amitabh Bachchan's Official Blog. But this one was enjoyed for the animation and the message it sent, which was very simple and effective!

As you know Internet explorer now has automatic popup blocker. Based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book or Shonen Mowgli was an anime adaptation of the original collection of the stories. It was screened often in between serials, esp. My family mother's side never had any vehicle at home, in those days.

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Thank you, Kanagu, this is one of my best awards! Its easy to follow blogs with email than reader.

The conceptualization and execution is something that touches a chord with the audience even today. Is the music director the same Vasant Desai as the one who scored for movies? You would be thinking how it would stay in one position in stratosphere as there is air there. Newer Post Older Post Home. We used to travel by bus, mostly or walk!