Dock Themes For Windows 7

Where can i find some nice Dock themes. It is even possible to make the actual dock transparent, in order to make the icons appear as if they are floating on the desktop. Drag and drop application launching Drag a text file, for example, you and me music to your docked word processing application to quickly open the file right from your dock.

All of them are highly customizable, allowing you to extend their usage according to your needs. You can add as many icons to SliderDock as you like and then scroll the ring around with your mouse wheel to find the one you want to launch.

Windows 7 Mavericks - taskbar dock - theme by Dave on DeviantArt

Well worth the price of admission. Once confirmed, you can look forward to receiving exclusive specials and announcements direct from Stardock. Introduction I'm a big fan of the dock. Why is that most products with the word Nexus in their name are usually all shiny and futuristic looking.

Choose from the many dock skins included with ObjectDock or discover a new favorite for free at our WinCustomize. However, if you allow the email access for the Gmail plug-in, then Norton might think its a security risk. Also, thank you for the fix! See how easy this is to tweak your Windows into a Mac Dock?

Aqua Dock also offers an abundance of flexibility. There's a free and a paid version.

If you have tons of icons, you won't be able to see the application launchers on Slider. Additional functionality via docklets is also a possibility. ObjectDock can also automatically hide itself when not in use and will reappear when you move your mouse to its position.

It's possible to transform taskbar to all invisible without that glass bar on bottom? Large footprint, rarely updated. Simple, easy setup, low system requirements. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. Key Features Access your shortcuts and applications from an animated dock Add as many docks as you wish Drag and drop application launching Robust dock customization options.

Please check your email for a confirmation link. It is different in that it allows you to easily add shortcuts to programs, files and folders to each circular dock by dragging and dropping them onto the rings. Tons of features, plays nicely with other Stardock software. Please enter your name here.

Five free docks to enhance your Windows 7 desktop - TechRepublic

SliderDock SliderDock is highly customizable and easy to use. Type in the name of the program or folder you want to open, and hovering over the icons to show the recently used files. If you want it to, that is. Is it possible to change the window color frame from white to other colors?

1. ObjectDock

It does miss out on some of the more elaborate features that are part of other docks, but that is to be expected. But either way, Circle Dock is sure to add some new dimensions to your computer usage. There are times when a name gives it all away, and this is one of those instances.

Each one offers a free version, and some offer added features in a paid-for release. You can set custom icons for the items you place in your dock, which can go a long way to give your desktop a personal feel.

The cool thing with Nexus is that it is a multi-level dock system provides fast access for any application that you used most frequently. Is very very beautiful, perfect! Hi there guys New to the site so please be nice to me. Appetizer keeps things elegant and easy, and sometimes that is all you need. It includes reflections, transparencies, shadow and blur in a single package, even less in a single free package. Navigation10 Amazing Docks for Windows 10 Desktop ( Functionality)

The settings panel comes with an ample set of options to customize the usage and look of Multibar, and it also houses the selection of skins to give the program a new themed look. DeskScapes capabilities give you the option to have different wallpaper on each of your monitors or stretch video and static wallpapers over multiple monitors. Limited display options, lacks support for bit versions. Marcus, I think that might be a false positive, the software has a very good reputation.

Just rotate your mouse wheel and let the icons come to you. The performance was smooth, and animations silky, in a dock that does bring something new to the ring. This dock sets up an animated launcher on your desktop, with app icons placed on a table. But when I click a few times on taskbar it becomes all grey then I have to disable blur again in that program.

Circular dimensions, that is to say. Apply effects, customize the color, size and position, plus more with ObjectDock!

Five free docks to enhance your Windows 7 desktop - TechRepublic

Reason is Native implementation. You can just drag any icon from the desktop onto the dock and voila! Personalize your dock with downloadable skins Choose from the many dock skins included with ObjectDock or discover a new favorite for free at our WinCustomize.

Freeware XWindows Dock 2.0

It is very easy to setup, some of the themes built in have also included the Leopard theme. Just like Stardock, Winstep is one of the more recognizable names in Windows customization. Windows dock won't hide when I want it to So, I have auto hide dock on. ObjectDock automatically imports quick launch, has special effects, offers applets, any-edge positioning, and auto-hide, lets you minimize windows to dock with live animation, and much more.