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Blastmon takes his leave out of vanity. This article has multiple issues.

Christopher shows no concern for his lost Digimon. Several Digimon featurette films were released in Japan, korean serials in tamil with some of them seasonal tie-ins for their respective television series. The third season Digimon Tamers utilized this aspect of the franchise by making the card game an integral part of the season. The Fusion Fighters offer to help Angie out.

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Despite Mikey's insistence that the strong Digimon can coexist with the weak Digimon, Christopher leaves the Fusion Fighters stuck in the center of the rapidly disintegrating Disc Zone. Dungeon crawling in the name of the Digi-lord. Angie and Jeremy must stay behind in the human world. Nene explains to the Fusion Fighters that a Code Crown fragment is proof of ownership of a Zone and gathering them all would allow one to rule the Digital World. MadLeomon and his minions are recalled by their master named Tactimon.

The Fusion Fighters find themselves in a trap SkullMeramon prepared for them. When Mikey attempts to talk Dorulumon into joining the Fusion Fighters, Cutemon reveals that he travels with him to look for his parents after his hometown was raided by the Bagra Army. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tactimon attacks the city as he uses the electricity to enlarge himself while fully bio emerging. The story begins with a seventh grade boy named Mikey Kudo dreaming of commanding a Digimon army.

Angie and Jeremy hold on to the powerless Omnimon DigiCard. When Sparrowmon manages to penetrate the blazing orb, she is grabbed by Lucemon Shadowlord Mode just as she almost reaches Nene.

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All Code Crown possessors are notified that a war for the Digital World will soon begin. Christopher reveals that all the Code Crowns have been founded.

Jijimon tells them that the landmasses are DigiWorld Zones they have acquired and how they were each originally part of a single Digital World prior to the true Code Crown being shattered. Grademon leaves the Sword Zone. As Laylamon arrives, she is enraged to find Arukadhimon defeated. Jeremy faces off against Musyamon with the trio of red Monitamon aiding him.

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With Jeremy caught on top of one of the bamboo shoots, Mikey attempts to save him when the mysterious boy named Christopher Aonuma appears. Bagramon is revealed as Axeknightmon's older brother. As the sun rises, the Fusion Fighters encounter one of the Bagra Army's three generals named Tactimon. Sparks Fly Between Taiki and Kiriha!

The original stories are heavily abridged, though on rare occasions events play out differently from the anime. WaruMonzaemon is Matadormon's private chef. Digimon Adventure Sequel Anime Announced. Realizing that prolonging the fight might cause the caves to collapse and kill the prisoners, Mikey Kudo, Angie Hinomoto, and Jeremy Tsurgi decides to surrender. Hearing Christopher telling Nene that she needs to be strong, Deckerdramon deems the youth to have the most heart of the present company.

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When Mikey is unable to touch it due to being pure of heart, Axeknightmon discards him off a tower with Angie Hinomoto saving him by shoving Dorulumon in the way. Shoutmon begins to have doubts over both his resolve and ability to maintain his DigiFused state. Nerawareta Mahou no Aikatsu! Mikey's group has an encounter with Puppetmon, who is a moody resident that reveals the Dust Zone is nothing but a garbage dump wasteland ruled by GranLocomon. Soon after, like with Shoutmon, Mikey begins to hear the melody of another Digimon close to dying.

Mikey and Shoutmon return to the Digital World. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. When Neptunemon gets word of this, he sends Octomon to sink the hijacked Mantaraymon and drown its occupants. When Jeremy's words and situation are broadcast to the rest of the Fusion Fighters, Nene flies over to the base to save the trio of red Monitamon from Musyamon. While Jijimon keeps Archelomon and the others hidden, the Fusion Fighters head underwater to infiltrate the Mantaraymon fleet and destroy them from within.

Hi-Vision Monitamon knocks Musyamon out of the castle. Laylamon arrives with the SkullScorpiomon army and Ebemon.

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Mikey, Angie, and Jeremy are then sucked into a portal. However, ChibiTortomon's action results with Archelomon's location compromised as he is captured by Neptunemon.

The Fusion Fighters are then approached by the mysterious girl. Mikey Kudo, Angie Hinomoto, and Jeremy Tsurgi are in discussion of their team name when a bunch of giant bamboo shoots rises from the ground surrounding the Village of Light.

The next day, Mikey meets up with Angie and Jeremy. Nene discovers that her Black Fusion Loader is no longer working. Coming to at the bottom of the gorge, Mikey finds the statue is still intact as he feels a glow from it before seeing Reapmon behind him. Angie Hinomoto is concerned for her. While a banquet is served, Mikey and Christopher get into a conversation.

The first one was published by Chuang Yi in Singapore. The victory is short lived as the Disc Zone starts to collapse.

While the uninterested Dorulumon takes his leave, the Fusion Fighters attempt to break their way into the prison under the cover of night. Grademon is intent on a rematch against Jeremy. Digital Monster virtual pet. Shoutmon destroys SkullMeramon.

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Digimon Tamers sur console Sega Saturn. Toei Animation has however released an official subtitled version of Digimon Xros Wars.

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