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Things that just plain don't work with women. In fact, several of them were down right broke and ugly!

Double Your Dating by David Deangelo

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Frustrated but determined, David decided to go straight to the source. Finding single men on the internet is like finding seaweed in the ocean. And different men have different styles and strengths.

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This book holds a special place in my heart because it was the first book on this subject that I ever read and it really is responsible to some level for every success I've enjoyed with women. We also let them view the training videos, read the free articles, and Google around. Unlike some of the other highly esteemed pickup artists out there, Dave DeAgnelo's process will not give you a headache like you're doing calculus. So what makes this book different than everything else out there?

It is great for keeping women giggling and feeling comfortable around you. Paul - Omega Male Seminar Dr.

He was surprised to find that many of these guys weren't rich or handsome. There is nothing you will have to memorize or study. Have you ever wondered why a relationship came crashing down, or you could never quite get the kinds of dates, friends, or teammates that really could make your life all you ever wanted? Once you know it and master it, you can attract any woman you want, any time you want. We were unimpressed by how much of the book was simply a regurgitation of the free material.

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He also knows how guys like you and I think based on the way he breaks everything down into ways that are easily applicable to your life. It is my core material, the foundation for everything else that goes into becoming the man you always wanted to be. Attraction is working on yourself and improving yourself to the point where women are magnetically attracted to you and want to be around you. He also teaches you practical applications for use in the real world. In my opinion the methods he outlines in this book are quite simple and easy to use.

Take everything the sales letter says with a grain of salt. David DeAngelo is one of the original guys to help men out there learn how to better attract and date women. Once you start to cultivate these qualities yourself, you might find women starting to look at you differently.

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These days it's definitely not easy for a guy to find dating advice that works. It's like a strange combination of arrogance and humor. In his book, David explains his step-by-step process for meeting and attracting women. Hell, even I flip back through it from time to time as a reference when I run up against an unanticipated road block.

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David DeAngelo has several other products out there that all build upon the concepts in Double Your Dating. David sought out the few guys he knew who were unbelievably successful with women. This Double Your Dating review is based on my own personal experience after reading the book. If you're new to the dating scene, this book will dispel so many complete lies about what women like in a man that our society has bought into for some reason. You'll literally be shocked when you look back at all your past dating mistakes being able to pinpoint exactly how you blew it.

And you don't have to be rich or handsome to do it. Well, mainly David DeAngelo himself. Pagan is better known by his pen name David DeAngelo. This is your starting point on transforming your life into all it can possibly be. This book breaks it all down for you leaving nothing to chance and no guess work.

The techniques in the book are practical and easy to use. That is not what I am teaching. He asked around and found more and more of these naturals, and sat down and picked their brains for every last piece of information he could dig up. This guy is admittedly one of the very best at sneaky marketing tricks so people pull out their wallets. We liked the Badass system because it gives men a better way to understand women.

David had put together a complete system for meeting and dating women that any guy could use. Learn how to use the powerful combination David D. It took some time, okcupid dating persona list but before long David himself was getting women like crazy.

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It keeps her on her toes and she's not sure whether your seriously an arrogant prick or if your just joking around. In other words seduction implies tricking, being dishonest, and hiding your motives. It requires patience to learn and practical application, but it's definetely a book to be read with a pen and paper near you. You can start using what you learn right away. Different women are attracted to different things.

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He bases his dating methods on science using straight theory and descriptive metaphors. There's even an e-mail template he give you that I've personally used to get girls off the web meeting me face-to-face. What did we pay for, exactly? No one approach works for all women.