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Smith to brake the speed of the drum when Tabulating and this special braking mechanism also provides a slight braking power for the Ribbon Driving Ratchet to prevent a back lash in the ribbon. Move left end of Carriage to the front of machine and move Carriage out of position to the left. It isn't often that one can get in on a ground floor of a particular area of collecting, and this is a ground floor. Where did I find old typewriters for my collection?

Carriage Controlling Links. Index writing machines were simple and were cheaper than keyboard typewriters. Cover may be moved forward and off machine.

Position can be checked by reference to set screws on R. The squeak was gone, and the carriage moved like new. Been in the attic for many years! People find it difficult to throw away a typewriter, even when it no longer works. It is the purpose of this manual to present proper methods of adjustment and repair for the benefit of all personnel engaged in adjusting and repairing typewriters.

Tighten Set Screw when adjustment has been made. Replace drawband anchor screw in main frame. Turning Ring and Cylinder Adjusting Screw counterclockwise to the left moves platen to the front. Move carriage to right and setting sub-carriage in main carriage, place right carriage end pivot in right Shift Stop Lever Arm.

  1. It is necessary that all loose play be reduced to an absolute minimum.
  2. Carriage Rails must have a smooth, even surface.
  3. Return Carriage assembly to position with carriage rails fronting to mark previously made on typewriter frame at the bottom of the front carriage rail on either side.
  4. Carriage frame bearings must not bind the entire length of the wayrod.
  5. This Roll provides the bearing for the front of carriage.

No. 6 and later

  • At first the carriage didn't move all the way to the left but playing with the margin lever finally got it in place.
  • The upper pivot screw is fitted to sub-carriage frame through the Shift Link, which controls the Ring and Cylinder adjustment.
  • All clamps must be adjusted to a snug fit, without binding.
  • With the mechanical issues behind me, I started on the lengthy process of cleaning this beast.

The Typewriter Database - Version Epsilon

Tension may be tested for. Paper Deflector must be free, providing proper clearance with feed rollers, and adjusted with minimum of end play, which is adjusted by forming forked ends of the deflector. Hi Elsa, Do you have any pictures?

Proper functioning of this variable depends upon proper assembly in carriage. Turning Ring and Cylinder Adjusting Screws equally clockwise to the right moves platen back toward the rear. If the serial number is shown as a range xxxx-xxxx it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year. The next step was to go over everything with a strong automobile rubbing compound red compound. Adjustment is made by forming the Lift Hooks.

Cleaning the outside of this typewriter took almost as much time as cleaning the inside, but what a difference it made! After the joy of the hunt, a newly acquired typewriter may need restoration. If it falls onto the work bench it will be fine. Slide Bracket out between Tabulator Housing and side frame, to the right viewing machine from the rear. If carbon copies fail to feed along with the original, the paper pan should be lowered.

In making front rail adjustment, front carriage rail screws should be loosened at both ends of rail. The serial number is I can post a pic of needed. In replacing Platen, check position of the Line Space Pawl, moving it up and out of the way before positioning Platen Shaft in its bearing in Carriage casting. It too, is highly accurate and detailed, near and mentions specifically that the Electrics followed the same serial number series as Standards. Shift must lock and release easily from both sides of the keyboard.

Typewriter History by Tony Casillo

Sometimes it is as simple as reattaching the strap. Another popular style of keyboard typewriter is the single-element machine. It is very rusted but all keys and space bar work. Replace drawband to carriage anchor screw.

Check platen for parallel, both ends of carriage, before tightening Bottom Rail Binding Screws. Turn the platen slowly to align the three pins in the Clutch Sleeve with the three holes in Platen Core. Disconnect Top Shifting Arm Screws. Disconnect Ribbon Carrier. Collectors look for machines that are in good, working condition, vh1 dating while the more adventurous don't mind acquiring machines that need repaired.

Factors That Determine Potential Value

Adjustments must be made on both sides of the Segment with the Upper Adjusting Nuts, 10 signs you're dating a after loosening the top lock nuts. Smith Harris Visible Harry A. The Motion Adjustment aligns.

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Dating your Underwood Typewriter - Oliver Typewriter Shop Store

Oddly enough, most index machines appeared after keyboard typewriters became available. Paul Roberts, Netherlands. Platen should fit properly in carriage without excessive end play. Also is it worth anything?

Best bet is to try to find someone in your area that restores or fixes typewriters. Adjustment may be made after loosening Ball Race Adjusting Screw lock nut by turning Ball Race Adjusting Screws to fit segment properly in its ball race. Hi Madi, I would suggest seeing if anyone in your town fixes Typewriters. Tighten Eccentric Stud Lock Screws.

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Side Cover Plates are held in position with two screws, positioned as shown in drawing. Position of Shift Keys must be checked after forming to insure that they are positioned properly in relation to lower bank of keys, as outlined above. It did not use lowercase letters.

Restoring a 1937 Typewriter

Fitting variable knob key into L. Carriage Controlling Link by backing out one screw and disconnect Controlling Link from pivot pin. Lift Frame Lock may be formed between Lock Stud positions by mauling. Adjustments should be made with Front Rail Adjusting Screws. Cleaning the type bars on these old machines is tedious.

Vintage Underwood Portable Typewriter. Yes, the original Underwood manual typewriter is still available today. Hi Tom, we have an old underwood that is in good condition. Not hollow ground, but quite useful around typewriters, especially loosening and tightening the right knob screws on this typewriter.

Drawband must be connected smoothly to main spring drum connection and must not be twisted between Spring Drum and Carriage Draw band stud. Lift Hook Spring should be adjusted to provide sufficient tension for light carriage shifting. Adjust this tension after loosening Adjusting Screw Set Screw.

Place rubber band around top of. After this photo was taken I rejuvenated the rollers on the paper bail and they are not so shiny any longer. Basic pricing ranges are based on eBay auction searches, rte teletext dating along with WorthPoint and Kovels guides.

How to Date an Underwood Typewriter

Dating your Underwood Typewriter
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