Dating old zildjian cymbals, introduction to cymbal stamp timelines

There are very light matched pairs below g and there are heavier pairs with a light top and heavier bottom. This stamp can be found on Brilliant A. The one very light mixed pair coded Trans Stamp also are reflected in the long lower whisker. There are a few unusual pairings here which deserve special mention. This isn't how it really seems to be, but it remains a convenient shorthand.

So this is fairly forgiving in terms of analysis. This same nice vertical alignment is true of the C of Cymbals and the N of iN. The very light matched pairs are s.

Introduction to Cymbal Stamp Timelines

Zildjian didn't date their catalogs at that time. Pre Trans stamps till the later s The Pre Trans stamps are the earliest of the Avedis Zildjian trademark stamps. Zenjians look like the Avedis production cymbals of that period.

For example, it might be a link to the Hollow Ink Logo on the bottom of a cymbal. Because of the detail involved which most of you might not want go get into there is a separate page on the Trans Stamp Sub Types where the details are shown. But if you really know what you are doing, you probably don't need to use it. And there are also some stamps which say Made in Canada.

A. Zildjian Cymbal Stamp Timeline

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Pardon my digging up an old thread, but I searched on Zildjian dating and this thread came up. Dating A Zildjian Cymbals. These were contemporaneous with the K Zildjians from Turkey, but the styles diverge greatly.

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But the article did not give these names. Trademark Stamp Identification In the analysis which follows we look at what production era the cymbal comes from when the sample size allows this. The general pattern is that prices seem do decline for more recent production eras. The red arrows point out the vertical alignment of the H over the E. In order to distinguish the no three dots Large from the no dots s stamp use the the vertical alignment criterion.

If you have a cymbal which has a s short stamp on it, legal dating ages plus hammering which looks like Trans Stamp hammering the you might have one of these. Home Forums Main Cymbal Talk. The hammering and other production clues tell you when the cymbal was made. They fetch higher prices presumably because they are relatively rare. There is a discussion of these here which has informed my summary.

How to Date an Avedis Zildjian Cymbal

Dating A Zildjian Cymbals
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Given that actual sales figures cover a wide range, how do you know where your cymbal sits in that range? The pairings well below the lower line and on the right are the New Beat ratio hats. The first fifty years of A. And if I find some details which let you distinguish this stamp from others without resorting to measuring the height I'll add that info.

  • You can see this particularly in the A which is the letter they have in common.
  • Part of the reason for this is the reset of A Zildjian weights, some of which appear in my Modern era sample.
  • The English portion changes in detail over time, but some changes can be subtle changes of alignment and relative location.
  • Archaeological evidence of ancient human predation on reindeer include amulets, rock art and effigies, reindeer bone and antler and hunting corrals.

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The Different Stamps of A. Zildjian Cymbals

It's always hard to say for sure. Larger diameters become more common from Exhibit F Stamps onwards as far as we can tell from limited data. Cymbal weight stepped up with popular music. There are no three dots in any Trans stamps. In later ones it can with the exception of the s Canadian Avedis Stamps including the no Country of origin version.

But the bigger picture is the advent of the New Beat style heavier bottom which comes to dominate the lower right portion of the graph as the decades roll forward. The s pair is a ligther top with a heavier bottom. However, the whole stamp is very lightly pressed in so that much of the detail is missing. If you have one, please get in touch.

Buying and Selling Vintage Zildjian Cymbals

Good to know that's not the case, and good to hear you've got the spam thing under control from this latest outbreak. All statistical and graphical analysis is done in the R statistical system and I tend to use their descriptive terms. One shows the flat top bell for sure, verizon phone hook up number in the other case the photo doesn't make it clear.

Dating Dating zildjian cymbals

Cymbal Stamp Timelines

Cymbals are engraved with a trademark by the maker. The lines going from lower left to upper right are g apart and the top line is set at top weight equals bottom weight. It is common for the intermediate stamp to have letters that are missing parts, or letters that are completely absent.

How To Date a Vintage Zildjian using the Maker s Stamps

Often the most obvious distinguishing feature is that the edges of the die stamp are pressed in more firmly and this shows particularly in the deeper Z of Z ildjian and o of C o. But we can do better at prediction if we also consider weight. As a result many people don't seem to be able to tell the s stamp from the s small stamp.

A gallery of the Avedis Trademark and Ink Logo eras

The date comes from somebody who recalls a new purchase. Forums New posts Search forums. It is also worth remembering that there is another stamp which is made from thin lines and doesn't have the three dots in a triangle. One was produced in the same way as the Avedis cymbals of the day. The A form has the top portion of the Ottoman section missing, in the B form it is all there.

Once again, I grouped together the three Large Stamps into one category for reporting, although they are separate in the raw data. It is the point in the distribution of prices where half sell for more and half sell for less. Almost all the information that is available about vintage drums and cymbals has been gathered up by enthusiasts who are outside of the companies that made the products.

The open ink stamp is found in a mid seventies catalog. There are a few Old As where model ink has remained intact. The post s cymbals are usually heavier weight as expected. It all seems to add up to a whole lot of dunno! So if a cymbal has a flat bell chances are good it is Large Stamp.

If you have existing cymbals, speed dating joplin knowing the weight of the cymbal that you are considering purchasing will allow you to have an comparison tool. These stamps are the only reliable way to determine the age of the cymbals. Another characteristic of Trans Stamps which distinguishes them from later stamps is that they say U S A no dots rather than U.

  1. The fifth one is so recent it isn't explicitly named on that page.
  2. But beware, despite the name Small Stamp they aren't the smallest ones.
  3. Similarly, all the Trans Stamps are reported together.
  4. Zildjian could actually use this stamp on their cymbals in the s.
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But the correlation is not perfect. Once you get into the late s and ink becomes more of the focus I've tried to find consensus dates for these changes. It seems as if Bill Hartrick didn't have detailed attributes which allowed him to distinguish a s Small Stamp from a s Stamp. Bill Hartrick didn't include this as a specific trademark stamp in his original work. That would be quite a chunk of bronze, and you would need a very large and strong cymbal bag to carry it around.

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