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The dating of the pipe is pres. Can someone maybe help dating this pipe? The cased pair of New Era pipes is in beautiful condition, dating to sometime in the s. Remember we are not pipe owners, we are pipemen and women who hold our pipes in trust until they pass on into the trust of the next pipeman or woman.

Please send me any corrections or additional information you might have on these. The stamping was still readable even though it was faint. But at this stage of restoration, I was left with no recourse but to reconstruct. It could also be silver hallmarks with a lion silver and anchor Birmingham and two unreadable marks one of which could give a date. At this stage, the entire assembly of the extension and screw-in type of bone stem looks beautiful, smooth, shiny and classic.

With each cycle, I enjoyed watching the grain emerge. The second photo below shows the stamping on the left side. While I was handling the stummel, I realized that the sterling silver ferrule at the shank end had come loose.

You will notice a J has not been used in the London marks in the last four centuries! What follows is his writeup. The bowl was slightly out of round and there was still a light cake on the walls. The rest of the rustications along the bowl and shank is filled with dust, oils, online free gunk and dirt which has been accumulating over the years. He asked if he could drop by to show it to me and see if I could fix it.

It had some beautiful mixed grain on the bowl sides and shank. The next morning the soak had produced results with soiled salt and the wick absorbed more oils and tars. Should I address them by sanding, I am not sure, as I fear losing the patina during the abrasive process of sanding with sandpaper. This should polish up very nicely.

English Estates Tobacco Pipes

English Estate Pipes

  1. The cutty may look familiar to those who enjoy my Classic Collection blends.
  2. After the restoration is completed and published, I then place a value on the pipe resulting from my research.
  3. Yours appears to have a brass rondell.
  4. The extent of the damage to the rim can only be determined after reaming the bowl.
  5. This should be taken care of by sanding with a or higher grade sand paper.
  6. With the internals clean, I turn again to the briar surface.
1913 - 1938

Air did not pass through the stem. The birdseyes on this piece are spectacular - far more engaging than a web photo can depict! Appearance dictates that it is probably a second?

  • The stem, too, was slightly blocked.
  • In the pipe I am working on it has the insert between the twin airways but it also has a diffuser cap at the end of the button.
  • Use of images or text without express permission is prohibited.
  • The horn stem is connected with the shank by a long and hollow Albatross wing bone extension having sterling silver end caps at either end, most probably to strengthen it.

It's a octagon shaped panel. Please note however, kim smith dating that the same shape offered with three different materials for the stems was counted thrice! It has some very great looking grain on the bowl and shank. The rustication is a fascinating attempt to replicate a craggy sandblast. She had been very careful in avoiding the edges which had the charred marks.

Jeff took photos of the stamping on the underside of the shank. The Albatross wing bone extension and the horn stem is nice, smooth and clean. Jeff took photos of the bowl and rim top to show the cake in the bowl and the lava build up on the edges of the bowl.

There are a few light fills on the side of the stummel that need to be examined. Once the internals were clean, I cleaned the external surface of the extension with cotton swabs dipped in Acetone and finely applied superglue over the superficial crack. And it was the Anderson Free Hand Burl Briar, made in Israel, which I chose for his birthday one year, because I thought he might like that particular texture in his hand. This is surprisingly one of my favorite shapes for smoking Virginia flakes.

There was no checking or cracking on the bowl walls. Dave G, Will check the hallmarks later today and see if I can date the pipe. The bowl was wiped dry using a cotton cloth and left to dry out overnight.

Knowing that, I began to look more carefully at the pipe. Once I was satisfied with the fit, I smeared the pipe cleaner with Vaseline jelly and inserted it in to the opening. Underneath the movable end cap diffuser it has something like the Tuskana Insertion with the twin bore stem.

Help dateing a GBD

Help dateing a GBD

Air flow through the stem is open and full. After a brief discussion with Mr. Following this, to erase the scratches of the filing and grit paper, I sand using grade paper and grade steel wool. Things changed as the French pipe factories lacked more and more workers who were called to the front.

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To do this I create a wick by pulling and twisting a cotton ball and stuffing it down the mortise and airway as far as I can manage with a rigid straight wire. There should be a lot of life left in this old timer. The pipe really looks good at this point. The finish, in my opinion, is a medium reddish smooth. The crystal clear mouthpiece creates an attractive contrast to the deep dark finish.

Awesome, looks like a J to me. Also regular pipe cleaning, pipe rotation, pipe cleaners and such things were unknown to me. The New Standard was a mid-grade model. In some cases, what grade should you the grade gives some clues.

The pictures show the emerging grain. Pots and long shank pots - or wide bowled lovats. This led me to ask the elders in my family, questions on the subject and came to know the above details. Thereafter, I tried to round off the inner edges of the bowl as much as I possibly could, by creating an inner bevel to cover up and address the charred portion.

This one has a saddle bit and shank that is Canadian-style but squared off on the sides. Other brands of this time were marketed with even larger independence. Pictures show before and after. His Grandfather worked for the Indian Railroad for many years and was a pipeman. The acrylic stem has tooth chatter that needs addressing.

Super Bruyere

The grain was beautiful, but the most fascinating aspect of the pipe was the cut. To get down to fresh briar, I then wrap a grit piece of sanding paper around a Sharpie Pen and sand the chamber. When the pipe arrived here in Vancouver for the second stop of its restoration tour it looked very good. Steve enough for his wise, practical and timely advice and sharing his immense wealth of experience so readily with a novice like me. They were reportedly produced from very old briar, and seem to be quite scarce, as these are the only two examples I've been able to acquire.

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At that time the prices for pipes were primarily diversified by the materials used for the stems and their extansions and the number and the styling of silver or gold bandages. Abha immediately messaged me with pictures of these pipes and pens. Wherewith London had become the more important location. The saddle stem has a very subtle and delicate bend with just the lip touching the table top which coupled with the flat bottom of the bowl, makes it a perfectly balanced sitter. You can see the damage to the top and inner edge of the rim top in the first photo below.

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These pipes came with a stinger which can be replaced with a filter. Over the years it has log several miles, but the condition is quite good. Again, I wiped the bowl with a moist cotton cloth after each pad.

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