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Select the Magic Wand Tool from the Tools panel. Next, to give the stroke sharp corners, change the Position option to Inside. Instead, we'll create our own inner shadow using a different layer style - Inner Glow. The first thing we need to do to create our matted frame is duplicate the Background layer. Next, make sure the center square is selected in the Anchor grid directly below the Relative option.

Photoshop Borders And Frames - Matted Picture Frame

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This will pop open the New Layer dialog box. This opens the Canvas Size dialog box. You may want to increase the Size value slightly to soften the shadow edges a bit.

Then, click with the Magic Wand Tool anywhere inside the white area to select it. Let's make a couple more adjustments to the lighting. Since we're using the Background layer as the mat, let's give the layer a more descriptive name. With the Rectangular Marquee Tool in hand, drag out a rectangular selection around the photo, making it a bit larger than the photo itself.

The download is working but it's very slow. This opens the Layer Style dialog box set to the Drop Shadow options. When you release your mouse button, Photoshop will pop open the Duplicate Layer dialog box, giving us the chance to name the new layer before it's added.

Beautiful baby photo frame 3534

Selecting the center square tells Photoshop to add the extra space evenly around the canvas. Next, we'll add another new layer, this time to hold the frame. Visit our Photo Effects section for more Photoshop effects tutorials! You may even want to go a bit lower than that. Don't close out of the Layer Style dialog box just yet.

How To Create A Matted Photo Frame

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Next, change the Technique option directly below it from Smooth to Chisel Hard. To do that, we'll first need to delete everything on the layer except the frame itself.

Free download frames for photoshop and costume template

Colorful realistic frame in form of circle with various stationery items on white background vector illustration. Ornamental luxury card rawpixel. Pink floral banner rawpixel. Why did we choose white for the shadow color? First, make sure the Relative option is checked.

Then, keep an eye on your document as you drag the Size slider towards the right to increase the thickness of the stroke, creating the initial frame. Let's add a white border around the image to serve as the mat that sits between the frame and the photo, and we'll do that using Photoshop's Canvas Size command. This opens the Fill dialog box. Collection set of label ornament vector illustration rawpixel. They've now been merged onto the layer.

Along the way, we'll learn how to merge layer styles onto a layer, and how we can use blend modes like Screen and Multiply to easily turn shadows into highlights and vice versa! With Relative checked, enter the amount of canvas space you want to add for your mat into the Width and Height boxes, using whichever measurement type is easier usually either Pixels or Inches.

Beautiful baby photo frame 3534

Then, set the Size value to the same value you used for your stroke size in the previous step. The same area will now be filled with transparency, indicated by the checkerboard pattern. Select the center Anchor grid square and set the Canvas extension color to white. We'll finish off our picture frame by adding a second, smaller border around the photo, creating a double mat effect. Here's what my document looks like with the stroke applied around the outer edges.

Photoshop Borders And Frames - Matted Picture Frame

It's because we don't actually need a shadow here since our frame is already pure black. Learn more about the five essential blend modes every Photoshop user should know! Then, adjust the Distance and Size values as needed for your image. Down near the bottom are some options for adjusting the highlight and shadow of the effect. Instead, what we need is a second highlight, and by changing the Shadow Mode from Multiply to Screen, then changing its color from black to white, we effectively turned the shadow into a highlight!

When deciding how much space to add, keep in mind that whatever value you enter for the Width will be divided between the left and right sides. Collection of vintage ornament frame illustration rawpixel. If you don't remember the exact value you used, that's okay.

Next, to draw the frame, watch anime we'll use a couple of Photoshop's layer styles effects. This opens Photoshop's Layer Style dialog box set to the Stroke options in the middle column.

That's how to add a matted picture frame around a photo using layer styles in Photoshop! This will open the Color Picker. Next, we'll add a drop shadow to the frame. Cherry blossom frame card rawpixel. You'll see a selection outline appear around the outer edges.

Cherry blossom frame rawpixel. The same thing goes with the Height value.