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This is a decent movie and probably not aimed at the mass audience. Thats where our spl effects guys have done the trick.

Without any doubt this flick will not click in A centers or in B, C centers. Because our producers have something else in mind. Trivikram had no plans to write film dialogues, but instead had an interest in directing. Finally, a must watch for a Telugu cine-goer.

Therefore, he switches places with Parthu, a decent and friendly man that unfortunately gets murdered on a train. He gets framed for killing a competitor in a major political election. Prakash raj and Trisha play great supporting roles. There is a very good supporting team for the team. The suspense delivered by director was terrific.

The dialog is very well-written and memorable. Veteran actor would have justified the role well. The dialogue writer, Trivikram Srinivas, viber for samsung gt-s3850 is perhaps the real hero in this one. The way he opened the film with a tree shot is terrific.

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As a whole, its a worth watch film for everyone. From the other cast, Sonu Sood did not have much scope. The credits appear and then suddenly the boy has grown to be a studly man.

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava. He maneuvers his operations with the help of his buddy Sonu Sood. His acting is straight out of an English language American B movie and he seems painfully plugged into a Telugu movie. Filmfare Award for Best Telugu Director. The cinematography was special.

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Based on the movie Largo Winch. My wife absolutely loved it and wants to see it once more. This movie include action, comedy, drama, tragedy, emotional.

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The members of thee joint family really did fine job. It's refreshing to see such kind of stunts. The story is simple and straight forward. Debutante director Gangarapu Lakshman clearly showed that he lacks experience in film making. Trivikram is known for his class entertainers that are loaded with sensible humor and nice emotional quotient.

Athadu has pretty good special effects and is cleverly taken. Athadu is about an assassin Babu who changes because he realizes the importance of love and family. Athadu is a film about an assassin who assumes a dead man's identity while on a run from the cops. The rest of the story is all about how Nandu solves all the problems. Her chemistry with Mahesh looked very fresh on screen.

In the last minute, someone actually kills the leader and so our hero is on the run. Govinda Raju Vennela Kishore B. Trisha character is an innocent village girl. Our guy has to be the savior and do great things. He was hired by a politician in order to create a dummy assassination scenario.

The film is about how he finds the actual culprit. Trisha has nothing different to offer. Director Trivikram shifted to a different genre of movies.

Telugu Movies With Best Screenplays. He got immense fame and break-through for his writing in the youth love story Nuvve Kavali in the year which became a Blockbuster and broke many records in it's run. The screenplay of the film is not binding enough to blend these two stories contract killer story and masquerader story. When the scene shifts to village, Trivikram tries to lace in his typical humor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Films by Trivikram Srinivas. The rest of the story tells about the happenings in Parthu's house. There are some scenes which are a textbook for any aspiring filmmaker. The story line goes like it. The story of the movies was simple yet its presentation on big screen was superb.

He tried something different for this film. The act of Mahesh Babu and Prakash Raj is note-worthy.

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He went on to become a sharp shooter. He lives up to his image of Prince Charming with his mesmerizing looks. He is now a super-assassin. Mahesh Babu Nandu is a contract killer.

He underplays in some situations and gets the finer nuances in the final confession scene absolutely right. He is hired to fake an assassination attempt on the leader of opposition.