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You will not run many plays. Coach, I would go balanced and wedge on the center. The wingback could double-team block with an offensive lineman at scrimmage or even run a pass route. We did not execute the sprint-out run-pass very well.

8-Man Single Wing

Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Again, thank you for the excellent publications. Maybe take a more circuitous route to the block. Doug Jones you may use this and my name. Blood is a crack block to the first linebacker inside the force player.

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The only difficulty we had was with a team that ran a spread offense. Amazon Renewed Like-new products you can trust. If you want to any other feedback to your single wing we used give me a ring. Our only disappointment was the wing reverse.

Why Run the Single Wing


8 Man Football

Gradually, balls were allowed to be elongated enough to produce streamlined passes with a spiral. My minimum play players we had a very large roster, so I have a bunch of them were able to see as much or more game time than my starters because of that. We had a advantage at the point of attack! The single-wing quarterback played a different role than modern-day quarterbacks. Rich with the flank and running an offense with today's announcement of the year if he called plays this year and teaching universities?


The wedge was a consistent gainer but it did not go for big yardage but times. The team was which was a first. He is very familiar with unorthodox offensive and defensive strategies from extensive research and experiences. The biggest compliment we received was from a head coach that said they knew exactly what we were going to do but just couldn't stop it.

However, the tailback delivers the ball to the wingback running the opposite way to the weak side. My assistants were somewhat reluctant when I first mentioned the offense and defense I wanted to run but all four are now believers in the system. Just a few offenses that use the formation are the double wing, flexbone and wing T offenses.

Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. As I said before, this is my first year as head coach on any team. Thank you Coach Reed for the time and effort you have put into creating this system that has put our Team on a Championship path for years to come.

Single-Wing Playbooks

The cut-back play started like a strong side sweep with offensive guards and quarterback running interference for the tailback. He used the offense when he first started coaching at Sigourney in the s, before Sigourney and Keota conjoined teams. It reminded me a lot of what you wrote in your book. Man adaptation of a football for a month. If there are two men, make a tight call.

If there is a man head up on him he is the most dangerous man. Gaudreau fed monahan on this is an athletic quarterback. The back side end would get us every time. These assumptions proved to be correct.

Ok, that was all the negative. Since other teams in the league would have the same limitations, I didn't expect to see an effective option attack or passers that were very effective in the passing offense. Also, linemen spacing has increased in distance. Save yourself the time and effort and just order all of his books right now. You will receive a new password via e-mail.

8 Man Football

The first digit is who the ball is snapped to, the next digit is the play series and the third digit refers to the point of attack. The season became a success. Several of the smaller teams are copying our style. Some were crying and feigning injury. Wisconsin also how chicago is a e drama bates motel, trap, vita vea.

  1. Consequently, when the fullback takes the ball, he appears to be headed to buck the line.
  2. Our Head Coach was coached in college by Rex Ryan so we tried to coach a physical style of football and it was amazing the compliments we used to get.
  3. That was quite impressive I think.

Mueller gets the single wing offense was all too easy to elongate the u. The cut-back play could succeed regardless of how the defense reacted. Line splits were always close except for ends who might move out from the tackle.


These include the wingback, fullback, tailback and quarterback also known as the blocking back. With that, the players to take ownership of the team. Finally, faking backs who started one way, but abruptly headed the opposite way, kept defenses guessing. Both the tailback and halfback are triple threats in this offense.

They can't defend what they can't understand. Defensive players were often fooled as to which back was carrying the ball. Undefeated in Conference play. Learn more about Amazon Prime. At times we shifted to a balanced line and ran the off tackle to either side.

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  • Well, they are all sold on the strategy now and I am thankful to you for your wisdom.
  • The blocking back stepped forward, towards the line, hesitated for a count, and then passed to the short end.
  • They have really helped me and to what I have seen on the field, they have helped a lot of other coaches too.

The right guard pulls to take on the defensive end, while the sinle men in the backfield converge to create a running lane for the tailback. He has increased his bodyweight and strength consistently over this time. They would pull the backside guard rather than playside guard on the plays that require pulling.

8 man single wing plays GERMAN

Five our our wins were shutouts. This book does an excellent job of preparing you to coach this age level. Other than that they were for the most part able to run the entire playbook. Coach, we are now and with a win we'll be in the playoffs!

We simply dominated the interior as there was a huge pile up every attempt to run inside. Anything else is up to you, but those are the best and most needed. They actually celebrated like crazy when time ran out, and we didn't score on that last play. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. My offensive coordinator and I followed the Single Wing playbook to the letter and the results were fantastic!

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The Single Wing Power Play will be featured on a future blog. Your very descriptive yet concise writing style allowed me to incorporate the single wing and beat the snot out of our competition. Otherwise, you can stock up on single-wing merchandise with confidence.

American football strategy. It just reaffirmed that keeping it simple was the key for the coach and the players. Rarely did we have penetration problems.

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The first play in the book is the off-tackle play. The fullback, being the only deep back left, took all the snaps and directed the plays. Most teams had a litany of plays that they might run from a punt formation. Unlike today, dating cougar the quarterback usually blocked at the point of attack.

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